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General System Deployment

Goal: collect all the information necessary to deploy VMs into the production environment.
We are deploying each application into it's own area. The area consists of:

  • Logical separation within the vSphere Client.
  • Specifically assigned VLAN.
  • Each guest will have a DNS name associated with it's primary application.
  • Each guest will have a common IP address pertaining to it's intended function.
  • Each guest within an area will utilize resources provided by that specific area's resources.
  • A guest will NOT use resources provided by other areas.

Logical Separation within vSphere

To create a logical separation, utilize resource groups under "Production". These will inherit the properties of "Production", but also provide a "folder" to put VMs into specific to the application.

VLAN Assignment

The following VLANs will be assigned to the Applications:

VLAN Associated Application Associated IP Address
2901 Admin
2920 IHC
2921 IDX
2922 MLS
2923 CRM
2924 CTT
2925 PBX
2926 AUX
2927 Mail
2928 MIS

IP Addressing

We will have six sets of IP addresses for various locations:

Location IP Address
VMWare Common

Each location will have applications use common IP numbering in the following list:

IP Address Range Associated Application
10.3.X.1-10 Router, Switches, Networking
10.3.X.11-20 DNS, NIS, Authentication
10.3.X.21-30 NFS, GFS, Other Served File Systems
10.3.X.31-40 Mail (specific to application)
10.3.X.41-50 CVS
10.3.X.51-60 Nagios, Syslog, Netflow, Other Monitoring
10.3.X.100-149 Web and Application Servers
10.3.X.150-169 MySQL, Other Database Servers
10.3.X.170-189 Batch, Edit, Gimp, Image, Other Application Specific