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iSCSI Switch Replacement Project

This project will yield three opportunities: 1. Put in and migrate to an isolated iSCSI switching platform. 2. Resolve a Jumbo Frame issue with Cisco Stack1 without causing the iSCSI connections to be lost. 3. Combine Cisco Stacks 1 & 2 into a single stack.

Current Setup

Below is a layout of devices connected to switchstack 1 & 2. The red line represent iSCSI links, the green would be front end, and the orange is utility services (VMKERNEL, VMotion, etc)

File:Jumbo Frame Plan Start.png

Phase 1

File:Jumbo Frame Plan Phase1.png

Phase 2

File:Jumbo Frame Plan Phase2.png

Phase 3

File:Jumbo Frame Plan Phase3.png